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Custom Patches

A piece of embroidery that is manufactured by utilizing a fabric backing and thread to create a design that is unique to the wearer. Custom patches are also known as embroidery patches. Patches made to order are worn by a variety of organizations, including the military, emergency and rescue agencies, adventure groups, and many others. The creation of one-of-a-kind patches is an age-old art that was traditionally carried out by hand. Small squares of fabric that have a distinct design or company emblem embroidered onto them might be referred to as custom patches. In this blog, we are discussing making your custom patches. They are typically used to decorate fabric, and they can be sewn or pressed onto the surface of the item. In addition to serving as embroidered designs for kids, it can create patterns, badges, and customized logos to be printed on children’s clothing and uniforms, and bespoke patches can also be utilized in these capacities.

Types of custom patches

Adding personalized patches to clothing makes it more fascinating and trendy. The many available patches are detailed below.

Woven Patches

Woven Patches are patches that are created by sewing a design into a piece of fabric using threads to create a pattern. Because the thread used in woven patches is finer than that used in embroidery patches, the latter has more levels of detail. Woven patches are both less heavy and thinner. It gives the image on the patches a clean and clear appearance.

Embroidered Patches

A piece of embroidery that is formed by using a fabric backing and thread to construct the design is called an embroidered patch. This type of embroidery is also referred to as a cloth badge. Attaching them to the surface of the fabric can be done in numerous ways. Patches that have been embroidered can either be adhered, sewn on, or fastened on with a pin.

Leather Patches

Leather patches are an exciting and creative way to beautify garments, and in the process, they become an integral part of the wearer’s individuality. Leather patches do not live up to expectations at all. They are not intended for use over an extended period. They even produce embroidery designs for kids such as patches for backpacks.

PVC Patches

PVC patches can be fabricated to withstand virtually any climate imaginable due to their adaptability. They have the feel of rubber due to the fact that they are comprised of a material that is both robust and flexible. They are not fazed by either the heat or the cold.

Chenille Patches

Chenille is derived from the French word for caterpillar, which is chenille. Putting two core yarns together and twisting them together is a standard method for creating this patch. The appearance of the chenille patch is one that is gentle and distinctive. Because chenille is a large stitch, it is most effective when used for more substantial designs.

Name Patches

Name patches are one of the most common types of embroidery designs for kids because they are worn on uniforms. Name patches are patches that have the wearer’s name written on them in embroidered or printed form. Employees and students at educational institutions also make use of it.

Bullion Patches

These patches are essentially emblems that are made of gold, silver, or gold and silver and feature crests, vines, leaves, birds, or other beautiful pictures to give a polished appearance. They can be purchased in gold, silver, or gold and silver. They are never produced by machines and are always made by hand instead. They are adaptable enough to serve as a representative emblem for a wide variety of organizations and associations. They are the alternative with the most upscale patches.

Printed Patches

The process of printing a photograph, pattern, or text onto a blank piece of twill fabric results in a patch that is known as a printed patch. These patches allow for the usage of over a million different hues, and there is no restriction on the colors that can be utilized. You are able to print any image, text, or pattern onto a patch, making this kind of personalized patch the most fundamental type.

Iron-On Patches

Patches that adhere with iron have a tiny layer of heat-activated adhesive rubbed on top of a layer of plastic that acts as a backing. Some patches have an adhesive tape backing, but this kind of backing isn’t permanent, so it’s only recommended when you might want to remove the patches after they’ve been used. When you don’t want to sew a patch on your clothing, these are a wonderful and convenient alternative.


Designing custom patches is the process of stitching a design onto cloth to create a unique piece of wearable art that stands out. The end product is a wearable work of art that stands out. Since the beginning of time, these patches have held the title of being the most time-honored and well-liked ones available on the market. Choose from a wide variety of types and lists when it comes to bespoke patches. The user can have their very own unique logo or design embroidered onto a custom patch, which can be designed specifically for them. Whether you need patches for military uniforms, sports jerseys, or club coats, we recommend ensuring that you have the appropriate material and backing for each application.

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