Introductory Guide To Custom Vector Art, Designing & Illustrations

Custom vector art

Custom Vector Art

Artwork that is composed entirely of vector graphics is referred to as Custom Vector Art. These images are comprised of points, lines, curves, and forms, and they are derived from mathematical equations. When you scale a vector image file, the resulting image does not have a poor resolution, and there is no loss in quality; as a result, the file can be resized to be as big or as tiny as you require.

When creating designs for posters, putting company logos on business cards, or editing photos in Adobe Photoshop, it is an excellent tool to have. Custom Vector Art refers to any type of artwork that was created using vector illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator. In contrast, raster art, which can also be referred to as bitmaps or raster images, is created by using pixels that have been given color. When a raster file that contains pixel-based art is enlarged excessively, the edges begin to look jagged, and the quality of the image begins to degrade. Due to the independence from the resolution that it displays, Custom Vector Art can be utilized in a variety of forms, ranging from intricate illustrations to enormous billboards.

The Rise of Custom Vector Art

Vector graphics were among the earliest types of computer graphics to be developed because the amount of processing power required to generate raster images was prohibitively expensive. Vector displays were utilized on early computers in the 1960s and 1970s. Vector graphics were also employed in early video games, such as Asteroids, which was released in 1979. This approach persisted until the 1980s, by which time the majority of displays had already shifted to using raster graphics.

Vector files are required for all contemporary design projects because of the requirement that artwork be able to be printed in a variety of formats and because responsive web design must accommodate a range of screen sizes. They produce crisp and scalable images, which, in addition to opening up intriguing visual possibilities, also have the added benefit of utility. Vectors are virtually always used throughout the creation process of modern typography. Vector graphics are responsible for the creation of the text that you are currently viewing. The evolution of Vector Art and illustration has directly led to the creation of 3D computer modeling as well as the computer graphics (CG) that we witness in blockbuster superhero movies.

Custom Vector Art and Design

It is crucial to grasp the distinction between vectors and raster images because both designers and artists may use vectors in their work.


Whether creating commercials, websites, or anything else that requires the careful organization of text graphics, and other structural aspects, designers consider the overall composition of what they are creating. Designers are also known as graphic designers. These compositions are made by designers who make use of Custom Vector Artwork generated by artists or, on occasion, they develop their own Custom Vector Artwork to use in the designs they create. A designer can build a design that’s built on vectors and incorporates various vector pieces of art.


Illustrators typically have a stronger focus on art and produce individual images rather than a whole design. Illustrators can create distinct pieces of Custom Vector Art that are capable of existing independently or of being incorporated by a graphic designer into another piece.

Developing your own original Custom Vector Artwork using various software programs.

Beginners in the field of vector graphics will find that beginning their work with a drawing’s wireframe rather than the completed illustration is beneficial. It’s kind of like building a house: if the walls aren’t constructed properly, the front door might not even open properly, regardless of how colorfully it’s painted.

The following illustrations are presented in vector format and might serve as sources of inspiration for aspiring artists who wish to create artwork using the vector format:

Orlando Arocena

Arocena’s production of the artwork for the 2019 theatrical release poster for Dumbo is an outstanding step-by-step overview of how a professional illustrator can produce an iconic image using vectors. Arocena created the artwork for the theatrical release of Dumbo.

Susanne Paschke

Paschke’s work is renowned for the high amount of complexity and attention to detail that she incorporates into the trials that she constructs with her digital art.

Cristiano Siqueira

The work of Cristiano Siqueira is energetic and was designed to combine well with imagery revolving around athletes and sporting competitions.

Helen Huang

Helen Huang is a talented illustrator who specializes in generating lovely pictures for children’s books. Huang’s work consists of designing clean vector characters and landscapes.

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